Bodybuilding Exercise If You're 50-59

Bodybuilding exercise is somewhat different than other types of training. Bodybuilding is a form of body modification, meaning that the body is trained to hypertrophy or stand out in order to show well-developed muscle groups. This type of training tends to be more intensive and specialized than other methods of exercise.

Bodybuilding as a sport tends to be practiced by younger individuals. However, there are health and fitness minded older adults who also pursue bodybuilding even into their golden years. There are actually senior divisions open to senior competitors.
High Intensity For 50-59 year olds

Fifty to fifty-nine year olds can still workout with a great deal of intensity. It's amazing what can be accomplished for this age group when they train at this level of exercise. Bodybuilding is a form of exercise that involves a great deal of discipline and dedication to both exercise and nutrition.

It may not be the type of training everyone wants to do. But for those that have reached a high level of fitness, they may find bodybuilding an exciting activity to be a part of.

Bodybuilding for women can also be an exciting activity. Bodybuilding isn't just for men.

Personal Needs

At this age personal needs are best determined by the individual. Even though it is possible to train at a very high level, injury and condition should be taken into consideration. For example, if you have bad knees, you may not want to do heavy squats. Or if you have a back condition, you may want to choose exercises that help rather than hurt your back. You have the ability to design your workouts to best suit you and your goals.


Keep in mind that there are changes that occur in older adults. Muscle mass and bone density do slow down or decrease. Recovery time from intense exercise is longer. However, remember that exercise can reduce and often reverse the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. With bodybuilding exercise, muscles and bone mass can be improved even for fifty plus year olds. The key is to start slowly and pay attention to your resting time between workouts. Of course, good nutrition is also very important to your overall program.

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Split Training

Split training is a bodybuilding technique that allows you to train more intensely than with some other techniques. This type of training can be very effective in working all body parts during the course of a week. As with all forms of training, start with low to moderate intensity then gradually increase.

The exercises are divided or split into sections. An example would be as follows:

Monday - Legs and lower back

Tuesday -Rest

Wednesday -Chest, triceps, and abs

Thursday - Rest

Friday - Back and biceps

Saturday -Rest

Sunday -Wrists, shoulders, and traps

You would do approximately three sets of 6-12 repetitions of each exercise for about thirty minutes per session.

Bodybuilding Competition

Bodybuilding competition is also something that ambitious seniors might want to try. Many think that it is a sport that only the young participate in. While the numbers aren't great, there are bodybuilders who look pretty darn good for their age who compete in the senior division of their sport.

In the sport of bodybuilding there are basically three divisions:

Professional Bodybuilding

Natural Bodybuilding

Female Bodybuilding

The main difference between Professional Bodybuilders and Natural Bodybuilders, is that professionals often take anabolic steroids which allows them to build tremendous muscle mass that isn't very easily acquired without it. Natural bodybuilders compete in contests that do not allow the use of steroids. These athletes tend to be somewhat smaller in size than their professional counterparts.

As far as senior athletes are concerned, steroids wouldn't be a very good idea. Health is still the primary consideration. Natural bodybuilding competition would be a better choice.
Bodybuilding exercise does take some time and self-discipline. The routines can be modified to fit your lifestyle and fitness goals. It can be a great way to set personal goals of improving your appearance. And don't forget that the same benefits of any good fitness program apply. You might like to try bodybuilding exercise.

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