Bodybuilding At 60

Bodybuilding at 60 is still an activity that can be done at that age. It is true that at 60 people aren't as capable as they were in their fifties. However, that doesn't mean that they can't participate in intense workouts.

At this stage of life, cardio should be the basis for their workouts. Weight training can still be important at this time. Bodyweight exercises should be the primary way to train for strength and muscle building.

Individuals in good health can definitely exercise with moderate intensity with no problem. Extreme intensity isn't recommended.

With cardio being the emphasis, the workout frequency should be about 3 times each week for about 30 minutes each session. 45 minute sessions for some wouldn't be too much. Your rest days would be when you would incorporate cardio such as walking, treadmill, swimming, etc.

At this age, big muscles are of less concern. The idea is to maintain as much muscle as possible with moderate effort. The repetition range for most exercises would be about 15 repetitions. This would give a cardio based workout even when lifting weights. Muscles are strengthened as well as getting the health benefits of cardio.

Here is a sample workout schedule:

Monday-Circuit Routine


Wednesday-Circuit Routine



Saturday-Circuit Routine

The circuit routine would consist of two to three upper, middle, and lower body movements. All movements would be done consecutively without stopping, with about a 10 second rest between movements. Then take a 1-2 minute rest between cycles.

Repeat the cycle at least 1-2 more times.Seniors in their sixties can enjoy productive bodybuilding activity with moderate intensity. For ambitious folks, it is still a great way to workout to keep some muscle and to look their best. Some may even want to compete in master bodybuilding contests. At any rate, it's not too late to do bodybuilding at 60.

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