Benefits of Physical Fitness: Ten Reasons To Get Fit

Better Health

The benefits of physical fitness can have a positive impact on your life. Health should be of primary concern for everyone. Life is certainly more enjoyable if you are free from physical problems. By improving your physical condition you automatically improve your health.

Better Sleep

Exercise benefits even help your sleep habits.Research shows that getting even a small amount of daily exercise can improve the ability to get a good nights sleep.

Lose Weight

Although losing weight doesn't have to be the focus of a fitness program, losing weight can be a welcome benefit.

The more consistent you are with exercising, the more calories you'll burn. Your body will begin to revert to a more normal weight for you.


Living longer may not be a guarantee. But, if you are largely free from disease and you are in good physical condition, you have a much better chance to increase the length of your life.

Also the quality of your life can be improved during the increased number of years you live. With a combination of improved nutrition, exercise, and rest,it just makes sense that you can increase longevity. After all, living longer and healthier is the goal, right?

More Energy

As you pay more attention to diet and exercise, a good by- product is increased energy. We all would like to have the energy to be active in whatever we choose to do on a daily basis.

Freedom From Disease

It would be wrong to imply that fitness alone can eliminate all types of disease. However, many diseases that are caused by neglect or bad habits can be reduced or eliminated. High blood pressure and arthritis are two that come to mind as health problems that can be reduced or eliminated; as long as there are no underlying causes such as a genetic predisposition.

Improved Mood And Stress Reduction

Being active on a regular basis helps to improve your moods giving you a better outlook on life. An improved mood can then lead to reduced stress in your life.

Stronger Bones

Weight bearing activities such as walking and resistance movements help to build stronger bones as well as muscle.

Greater Strength

Including resistance exercises builds stronger muscles. This allows you to move more freely in all that you do.

Greater Flexibility

Flexibility allows for more mobility in everyday activities.

As always, it is important to check with your physician when starting any fitness program. It is even more important if you have a preexisting condition that needs to be addressed. Often exercises can be modified according to your condition. Getting active physically is great for your health. It's worth your effort to pursue the benefits of physical fitness.

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