Bench Pressing Builds Upper Body Strength And Shape

Bench pressing is a great exercise for building strength and shaping your chest and upper body.It also builds muscle,and burns calories.

Although it tends to be overused in some training programs, it still is a great exercise for the upper body.

The muscles worked are mainly the chest(pectoralis major), shoulders, triceps, and to some degree the trapezius muscles. Working these big muscles of tbe upper body is what helps to burn fat.

Bench pressing is used by athletes of various sports to develop strength and power.They use this exercise as a part of their weight training, bodybuilding,or powerlifting programs.Just about all major sports use it as an important exercise. But it can also help improve strength for the average person with daily tasks, like carrying groceries, mopping floors, etc.

Of course the main difference in performance is the amount of weight used by professional athletes. The average person obviously would not need to use extreme weights to benefit.

Bench pressing can be done with either dumbbells or barbells.It also can be done in a variety of ways. Usually you would lie on a bench taking the barbell off of the uprights and lowering to your chest and pushing the bar upwards. For variety you can vary the grip, from wide to narrow. Each position works the chest in a slightly different way. If you have an adjustable bench you can do incline and decline presses.

Because of the amount of weight that can be lifted, it is important to have a spotter, someone to stand behind you to help lift the bar from the uprights and to assist you if the weight becomes too heavy during the exercise.

A couple of tips would be to place both feet on the floor for stability. The other tip would be to use your thumbs to grip the bar rather than a thumbless grip. One more tip would be to start light and gradually increase weight as you get stronger.

Depending on your training goals, you normally would do 3 sets of 8-12 repitions with a weight that you can lift without strain. Athletes would lift more weight and possibly include two or three variations in their routine.

If you are interested in strengthening and shaping your chest try bench pressing.

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