Badminton Sport: An Olympic Game For The Whole Family

Badminton sport is a game that has been around since ancient times. But it became an Olympic sport only fairly recently, 1992. In the Olympics there are five events: men and women singles, men and women doubles, and mixed doubles.

The game is played with a shuttlecock, also known as a bird or birdie, rather than a ball. The shuttlecock has a cork design at one end and a plastic skirt at the other. This causes the shuttlecock to project forward with the cork end first. The racquet use is very light and is made of carbon fibre composite. The court measures 17 feet by 20 feet with a net in the middle.

This is a sport that the whole family can easily enjoy during any family outing. It's another great way to get some exercise and have fun at the same time.You can play this sport in your backyard. The set up is very similar to volleyball as far as the net is concerned. The main difference is that it is played with a racquet that has a long handle. This is an activity that can be fun for the whole family.badminton sport

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