Arthritis Exercise; Reduce Pain And Inflammation

Arthritis exercise can help reduce joint pain and inflammation. It builds stronger muscles and joints. Exercise also promotes overall health and fitness.

You may think that because of pain and stiffness, that exercise wouldn't be a good idea. However, for arthritis pain relief it is essential for treating the effects of this condition.

Exercise also helps in weight loss, which reduces strain on the joints.

Other benefits include better sleep, better mood, self-esteem,increased flexiblity, and avoiding other health problems.

An arthritis diet should also be a part of your daily routine. Certain foods can help to reduce inflammation of the joints.

Always check with your doctor as you decide on an exercise program to start with. There are various exercises that you can do safely. You might even have a physical therapist or occupational therapist to help you design a program.

Your doctor can discuss with you the various treatment options do consider along with exercise. Supplements such as chondroitin and glucosimine can be helpful. Certain pain medications may also be recommended to treat your condition.

If it is painful to exercise, water exercises, such as water walking, would be a good place to start. Later you may add other exercises like yoga, or tai chi.

Stretching exercises can help increase flexibility. Other activities such as , dance, and swimming are also very good exercise choices. Any activity you choose to do can help to improve joint function and reduce chronic pain.

Another added benefit is that exercise in general helps to reduce and maintain your weight. Reducing bodyweight makes movement easier on the joints.

Bones and cartilage are strengthened. Endurance and cardiovascular fitnes is yet another exercise benefit.

Weight training and other types of resistance training can be added when you are ready. Another activity could be cycling.

The goal is to get moving rather than to stay sedentary. Movement is the best thing you can do to treat the symptoms of arthritis. After you check with your doctor, get moving with arthritis exercise.

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