Ankle Weights Increase Exercise Intensity

Ankle weights can help to increase strength and conditioning. It can supplement whatever routine you are doing. Using this equipment allows hands-free movement using the lower body.

This type of resistance training,typically used in walking, conditions and strengthens the leg muscles as well as other parts of the body. The benefits of ankle weights include developing strength, and flexibilty in the legs, hips, abs, and back muscles.

Various exercises can work the legs,hips,abs,and back with various free-hand movements. This helps to add variety to your workouts.

These weights are fairly inexpensive to buy. Therefore, they are ideal for fitness at home.

As far as safety goes, you should be careful when starting out. These weights could be hard on sensitive joints. Make sure you are conditioned enough to use them. Check with your doctor to see if your joints are able to handle this type of exercise.

Because this is a form of weight training, you should only train with them two to three times a week so that you don't overtrain.

Start out slowly and gradually increase your walking time. Or gradually add exercises as you get better conditioned.

Being able to workout with your hands free is an advantage. It is possible to simulate various sports type movements. Activities such as walking can easily be done with weighted clothing. Leg curls are another example that can be added to your routine.

Various components of fitness are addressed. Flexibilty and strength for example, are easily developed.

It is important, as always, to check with your doctor before adding new training to your workout. Using weighted clothing would increase the intensity of your workout, and you should be in condition to ensure safety. Working out with weights safely is always a consideration. Your present condition should be carefully evaluated.

Adding variety to your workouts is important for you to do. If you are looking for more ways to further improve your fitness, consider using ankle weights.

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