Aerobic Exercise Is Important For Your Health

Aerobic exercise should be a part of a well balanced plan of activity. This type of exercise improves the consumption of oxygen in the body. This basically means that your body is able to use the oxygen to help create more energy for you. To obtain the best benefits of this form of exercise you should include a warm-up and cool-down period at each session. You would gradually increase your intensity during your warm-up, then gradually decrease your intensity during the cool-down.

The benefits to overall health is significant. Here are some major benefits:

-Strengthens respiratory muscles

-Strengthens the heart, improves resting heart rate

-Tones muscles

-Improves circulation/ reduces blood pressure

-Increases red blood cells for the efficient transport of oxygen

-Reduces mental stress

Increasing your lung capacity helps you in your daily activities. For example, walking up a flight of stairs is easier. Walking in a mall as you go shopping is more pleasant. Even exercising is more enjoyable because you don't have to struggle as much as you workout.

As you improve your lungs, you also improve your hearts ability to function. Your overall health is improved as well as your fitness. When your heart is in good condition, you can control your blood pressure more easily.

This type of exercise also helps you to tone your muscles. Especially the muscles of your legs. Many exercises such as walking and biking, for example, involve mostly your leg muscles. This would also include most sports. It can even help you to get through your resistance training by allowing you to complete your workout without getting overly tired. An often overlooked benefit is the fact that it can help reduce stress. If you have had a stressful day, taking a walk or other types of exercise can be of great benefit to your mental health. You can greatly improve your health and fitness level through aerobic exercise.

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